Technical Session: Technological Advances in Solar Electricity

Technical Session: Technological Advances in Solar Electricity

Moderator: Carolina Barreto

brekke.nickDesign of A Hybrid PV/T With Nano Particle Based Spectral Filtering

Nick P. Brekke

Cogeneration of electricity and medium temperature heat (250C) can be achieved through a hybrid photovoltaic thermal system utilizing a nanoparticle based heat transfer fluid that absorbs light not efficiently utilized by the PV cell. Target markets include industrial process heat and water processing.



theresa_jester_2_20x30cSilicon Innovation for a Circular Solar Economy

Theresa Jester

Traditional silicon purification involves toxic materials, and its high energy intensity gets passed down the solar supply chain. This cost and environmental burden on the solar industry can be reduced through innovation. Terry will discuss upstream solar, sustainable solar manufacturing, and Silicor’s unique process for silicon production, which is non-toxic and consumes two-thirds less energy than traditional methods.


kaeli.emmaEnhanced-Efficiency Solar Cells via Ferroelectric BTO Growth on Solar-Grade Si (001)

Emma Kaeli

As photovoltaic technology approaches the maximum theoretical limit of efficiency, recollecting waste heat energy becomes increasingly important. When materials are quantum confined, as in thin films, new material properties emerge. The purpose of this work is to integrate thin-film thermoelectric barium titanate with silicon as a means of increasing device efficiency.