Technical Session: Solar Thermal Technology Advances I *

Technical Session: Solar Thermal Technology Advances I *

* Approved for (1, 1.5, 1.75) AIA Continuing Education System (CES) Learning Units


Moderator: Henry Vandermark


Solar Hydronic Building Systems: State of the Art in New Mexico 2016

stickney.BristolBristol L Stickney

In New Mexico over the past 15 years or so, hundreds of successful Solar Hydronic Combi-Systems have been installed using a systematic design strategy now known as the “New Standard”. This well-proven, cookbook approach is the closest thing to ‘plug and play’ for solar/hydronics in whole buildings to date.


Solar Thermal Collection with Seasonal Storage

Gaylord OlsonGaylord Olson

A system will be described which combines several different types of solar thermal collectors with a specific arrangement of valves to optimize the collection of heat and the collection of cold with underground storage. The collection of both heat and cold is possible by including unglazed collectors in the system.


Comparative Performance of Solar Thermal and PV Water Heating

thayer.danielDarryl Thayer

If there is a competition between solar thermal and PV the thermal applications have to be carefully designed and installed. Many common practices used in solar thermal and PV need to be carefully examined. The common conception that solar thermal outperforms solar PV on a collector area basis is brought into question.



Investigating the Effect of Varying Concentrations of Nanoparticles on the Specific Heat Capacity of Binary Molten Salt Systems at High Temperatures

John Shelton