Technical Session: Solar Thermal Technology Advances II *

Technical Session: Solar Thermal Technology Advances II *

* Approved for (1, 1.5, 1.75) AIA Continuing Education System (CES) Learning Units


Moderator: Ron Gehl


Managing Solar Thermal for a Great ROI

Henry K. Vandermark

Web-based monitoring allows installers to commission and manage individual or multiple systems with less on site time, hence lower costs. Presentation will address common performance issues, corrective measures, fleet and team management. We will discuss tools that enable system finance with PPAs and other incentive based programs.


Novel Designs and Equipment Propel Solar Thermal’s Future

Peter Skinner

Solar thermal systems are taking a back seat to PV installations as the prices per kilowatt for these systems fall. The challenge to SHW installers is to create systems that can compete in terms of price per kwhr produced and help meet building HVAC demands as well. One answer is integrating SHW systems with heat pumps and finding ways to run the solar arrays cold where their performance is very high and to do so cost effectively. Sub-slab geo exchange holds great promise for a simple system design that can be installed easily and operate in weather conditions past systems had to avoid. These systems must be able to compete head to head with the no fuss no muss PV systems that now are dominating the solar industry in the USA.


Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pumps Use Solar Ocean Heat In Alaska

Andy Baker

Conventional heat pumps have long been limited by low temperature (130F output), and available heat source. These challenges were overcome in early 2016 at the Alaska SeaLife Center where cutting edge Trans-Critical CO2 Heat Pumps (194F output) are using Solar Ocean Heat originating from the North Pacific Gyre.


Solar Heating in Antarctica: Results from Testing Advanced Solar Air
Space Heaters at the Bottom of the Earth

Adam Plesniak

An introduction to Arctica Solar and a presentation of results from installation and testing of solar air heaters for a remote luxury tourist camp in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.