Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Simulations, Hybrid & Specialty Applications

Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Simulations, Hybrid & Specialty Applications


Moderator: David Comis


Pre-feasibility Analysis on the Photovoltaic Industry using System Advisor Model(SAM)
and Actual Measured Photovoltaic Data

Shin-Young Kim
Co Authors: Hyun-Goo Kim, Chang-Yeol Yun, Yong-Heack Kang, Hyun-Jin Lee, Gil-Soo Jang, Hyeong-Dong Park, Da-Eun Yun, Myeong-Chan Oh

This study was conducted to compare the actual measured photovoltaic data with the simulation result using system advisor model, to determine the power generation amount and generating efficiency, and finally to verify the reliability of pre-feasibility in photovoltaic industry with regard to the power generating efficiency in Korea.


Solar Components of the S-Lab’s WASH+E System

Stephen MeccaStephen J Mecca

In contrast to the array of solar applications in the developing world, there is a need for attention to the billion+ people living in energy poverty. The S-Lab’s WASH+E system includes 9 subsystems that extend the utility of an off-grid basic dwelling in the developing world at nominal cost. Two of these systems use solar energy passively for water heating and actively for basic power needs.


Bridging Solar Engineering and Agricultural Engineering:
A Solar Drip Irrigation Sizing Method for Farmers in Remote Regions

Carolina BarretoCarolina M. Barreto

The design method was aimed to bridge solar engineering and agricultural engineering, in part by introducing to solar engineers to the simplified evapotranspiration formula to size irrigation systems based on the Hargreaves method. Several systems were built and tested in remote locations in Peru and on the Tohono O’odham reservation in Arizona.


Distributed & Mobile Solar Electricity Generation with Energy Storage Devices and
Application to PrePaid (PPD) Technology for the Latin America Marketplace

rodriguez.albertAlbert F Rodriguez

The ATI Solar Lounge is a prototype of a demonstrable “Modular and Scalable” system that can operate On or Off Grid 24 hours a day supplying low cost alternate energy. This technology can be applied to power Off-Grid Communities in Latin America and the outlying villages with a Prepaid (PPD) Technology application. In Latin America as in all developing countries, Prepaid Wireless Services is the norm and was the leading driver of the expansion of telecommunications provisioning as it employed a pay as you go financial model. A similar market opportunity can be expected for PPD Solar Electricity that will bring reliable power to the entire continent and propel LATAM into a new era of growth and improvement of quality of life.


Utility-Scale Solar and New Food Security Concerns in the San Joaquin Valley

burmeister.georgeGeorge Burmeister

There are 120 large scale solar projects in California’s San Joaquin Valley, home to the most productive agricultural land in North America. Speakers will bring to light the necessary tension between the clean energy industry and food security advocates while explaining how local governments are addressing land use concerns as utility scale solar surges.