Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Economics & Policy II

Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Economics & Policy II

Moderator: Galen Barbose


wiser.ryanBig Benefits: The Environmental Value of Solar Energy Deployment

Ryan Wiser

We assess the environmental benefits of solar deployment to-date, and the prospective benefits of a much-higher-penetration solar future, focusing on climate change damages, health benefits, and water use. For each, we quantitatively assess the magnitude of the benefits in physical terms and – where credible methods exist – also in monetary terms.


schirtzinger.warrenSMUD Solar: A Roadmap for Utilities in Transition

Warren Schirtzinger, Don Aitken, Don Osborn, Steven Strong

The concepts behind SMUD’s PV Pioneer Program are essential in addressing the issues and challenges currently facing all utilities as they navigate the disruptive transition to a clean energy future. These concepts include: an understanding of technology adoption and market transformation, the creation of a truly compelling product or service, partnerships with specific vendors and allies, and long-term strategic initiatives designed to lower costs.


finnagan.dave (1)Customer Acquisition Through Elementary Schools

Dave Finnigan

After an inspirational assembly for students, families fill out Green Action Checklists at Family Night. Parents are referred to the e-commerce Green Action Store where they can purchase energy and water saving products and services. Families save money on utility costs and their school receives a rebate with each purchase.


NY-Sun Soft Cost Reduction Strategies

Houtan Moaveni

This presentation will summarize various approaches taken under NY-Sun to build a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry in New York and will highlight the lessons learned from the implementation of NY-Sun in order to improve the design choices of other states solar programs.


From Interest to Installation: Rooftop Solar in Rural and Native America

Numair Latif


Commons: Community Trust Solar For Low-Income Neighborhoods

Kathryn A Milun