Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Economics & Policy I

Technical Session: Solar Electricity: Economics & Policy I

Moderator: Tom Thompson


Comparing Carbon Fees with Existing Financial Incentives for Solar Electricity

John C. Schaefer

Current prices for carbon dioxide emissions are too low to be effective. Tax credits address only renewable energy and don’t discourage other CO2 sources. Thus, higher carbon prices are necessary to address climate change. This presentation estimates carbon prices that would be equivalent to existing solar energy tax credits.


Uber-like Disruption in Renewable Energy: Possibility or Wishful Thinking?

Akinloluwa Tolulope Olumoroti

This presentation will take a look at the impact of emerging technologies on the renewable energy space and examine the readiness of the industry for “disruption.” It will seek to answer questions like; are there uniqueness and constraints in the energy sector that could potentially engender or prevent disruption? What policy changes are necessary to breed innovation if we are to ever see the kind of disruption we’ve seen in other sectors? At what point if ever, is energy going to become on-demand on our smart phones?

Saved by the Sun: Ten Years After

Evan Schwartz

Solar capacity has grown exponentially over the past ten years as costs have plummeted. But exponential expansion can be perilous for those in the solar business, as we have recently seen a string of high-profile bankruptcies. Drawing on lessons from making my PBS/NOVA documentary on solar energy, I’ll present five principles for solar business model innovation in a world of exponential growth.


The End of Pushy Solar Salesmen: The Rise of the Informed Solar Shopper

Vikram Aggarwal

This is a presentation discussing today’s new breed of solar consumer. As the solar industry matures and awareness grows, more homeowners entering the market want to weigh all of their solar options before committing to a purchase. Today’s solar consumer doesn’t want to be “sold to” – they want to comparison-shop.



Past their Prime or Primed for Progress? The Role of State RPS Policies in Supporting U.S. Solar Market Growth

Galen Barbose



A Deep Dive into the Drivers of US PV Price Trends

Naim R. Darghouth