Technical Session: Socio-Economics of PV Resiliency

Technical Session: Socio-Economics of PV Resiliency

Moderator:  Ron Swenson


Greater Solar Grid Integration through Microgrid Development: A Case Study

Jake Rada

This study is intended to provide useful design, control insights, and economic benefit assessments to the municipalities, communities, and large commercial establishments (such as hospitals and hotels) that are planning to develop microgrids and/or community level solar projects.


Implementation of National Electrical Code Installation Standards for Battery Back-Up Systems in Developing Countries

Carolina M. Barreto & Daria Mashnik

This paper summarizes the National Electrical Code implementation issues for battery back-up systems in the developing world including technical challenges and capacity building needs and opportunities. The NEC was used to design and install coordinated overcurrent protection mechanisms through DC breakers and fast- acting Class T fuses to provide catastrophic protection when servicing the battery banks.


Impact of 100% PV Penetration on the Grid: Lessons from the 2015 Solar Decathlon Microgrid

Moritz Limpinsel

We report on the microgrid used during the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, interconnecting a solar village of 14 ZNE houses with 100% PV and EV penetration. Findings from analyzing this unique data set will be discussed, with special emphasis on power quality and grid stability.



Sustainability Easements™ – A new tool for Ensuring Sustainable Land Development, One Property at a Time

John Essig



ShelteR3: Disaster Resilient Solar Powered Home

Nancy Chikaraishi & Marshall Arne