Technical Session: Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Technical Session: Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Moderator: Andrew Mills


Some Consequences to the Operation of the Grid due to
High Penetration of Distributed PV Systems

Tee PonsukcharoenUmnouy Ponsukcharoen

Maximum PV power curves, which describes the maximum power from a group of PV systems at any time instance, can be constructed within information about configuration or specification of each PV system in the group. They can be used in finding a maximum PV penetration limit, defining volatility, and constructing a short-term forecast system.


Assessing demand impact of solar capacity growth in Philadelphia

Joseph Ranalli

There is a growing need for tools to perform solar analyses at multiple spatial scales, from individual systems to cities or regions. This presentation will detail a case study application in which this type of tool is applied to investigate different solar deployment strategies in the city of Philadelphia.



Stocker.TimResidential Energy Storage: Groundbreaking Technology for a Healthier Grid

Tim Stocker

Residential storage is changing the way we think about the integration of renewables into the electrical grid. Groundbreaking technologies are optimizing self-consumption and other use-cases while paving the way for a holistic home energy management solution.