Technical Session: Implementing 100% Renewable Electricity

Technical Session: Implementing 100% Renewable Electricity

Moderator: Paulette Middleton


Stocker.TimExamining the applications for and economics of industrial-scale battery storage

Tim Stocker

While the inverter and its grid management features have long supported grid stabilization, utility-scale energy storage has emerged as a viable option for balancing and improving electrical networks. Now, there are many applications for and improved economics of this technology, bolstered by payback periods of just over five years.


lane.damonPlanning for a decarbonized state—with 20% of its electricity needs met by solar

Damon Lane

Total-energy scenario modeling has allowed stakeholders to consider distribution and transmission grid impacts, economic effects, and social equity in meeting 20% of Vermont’s electricity needs with PV by 2025. We analyze efficiency, demand response, heat pumps, and electric vehicles—and siting incentives—to inform policy paths to high solar penetration.


chatham.robertHow a Comprehensive Assessment Program Supports Solar Development

Robert Chatham

Using comprehensive Assessments in developing solar projects is one way of creating bankable projects, supporting world class corporate business strategies and protecting the environment and sustainability. It is important to create and use proven practices that support this concept and note the ones that fail. Comprehensive Assessments can be a tool that helps enhance the project’s financial and technical performance.


mills.andrewUtility Planning for a Sunshot Future – Innovative Practices for Incorporating Distributed Solar into Utility Planning

Andrew Mills

Realizing the full value of distributed PV requires properly accounting for it in utility planning studies. We review a broad set of public planning documents including resource, transmission, and distribution plans. From this review we identify the range of practices currently being used and highlight new and innovative planning practices.



perez.marcAchieving High Penetration PV at Minimal Cost: an Optimization of Supply-side Approaches for Meeting Guaranteed Production Targets

Marc Perez

Two approaches exist to address the imbalance between a variable supply and a given demand: Demand-side management, where we match demand to supply and Supply-side management, where we match supply to demand. Critical to achieving high penetration renewables at reasonable cost is identifying an ideal portfolio of these approaches.