Technical Session: High Efficiency ZEB & Control Systems *

Technical Session: High Efficiency ZEB & Control Systems *

* Approved for (1, 1.5, 1.75) AIA Continuing Education System (CES) Learning Units

Moderator: Richard Perez


hatch.maryGuidelines for Residential Sub Metering

Mary Hatch

This presentation outlines a protocol for the collection and analysis of residential sub metered data. It provides concise guidelines on current best practices for measurement, analysis, and diagnostics of residential end-uses. End-use monitoring offers interested parties the ability to make informed decisions utilizing direct and timely feedback.


Sandy Stannard

The goal of this Solar Decathlon 2015 project is to present a new standard of “in” by creating a notion of ecological living that is enticing as well as achievable. INhouse is an approach to living well, while still living within our ecological means.



hoff.tom (1)Toward 100% Solar-Powered Homes

Thomas E. Hoff

Consumers are intrigued by the idea of Zero Net Energy (ZNE), but due to a confusing array of choices and an assumption that “deep retrofits” are required, it often eludes them. Clean Power Research has demonstrated that ZNE (including transportation) can be cost-effectively implemented in existing homes without a deep retrofit.



Mcomis.davearyland Net Zero Energy Schools

David L. Comis

Summary: In an attempt to develop Net Zero Energy school design and construction expertise in the State of Maryland, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is working with school districts to design and construct new schools that will achieve net zero energy goals. MEA will support the design and construction of 3 new schools with Energy Utilization Indices of less than 25 kBTU/sq.ft.

Expected Outcomes: The observer will:
1. Understand the goals of the Maryland Energy Administration;
2. Understand the form of assistance provided, and why;
3. Understand problems and lessons learned.


chalfoun.naderHouse Energy Doctor’s Level III Building Energy Audits as Pedagogy and Outreach

Nader Chalfoun