Forum: Spirit & Sustainability

Jul 11, 2016
9:00 am-10:30 am

Forum: Spirit & Sustainability

Feel the power of connection and inspiration through ASES camaraderie. Share feelings-–successes, failures, challenges–in promoting sustainability. Create new and lasting friendships.
In honor of the originator of this session, the late Pia Aitken, aka Barbara Harwood–ASES presenter, developer, builder, writer–wife of Don Aitken, past ASES President.


Orstitt.orloganizer: Orlo Stitt

President/Founder, Stitt Energy Systems, Inc.

Entrepreneur, Builder, Developer, Author

Major Accomplishments:
NAHB EnergyValue, 1999 Builder of the Year
Eighteen EnergyValue National Awards
Three People’s Choice EnergyValue Awards, NAHB
Fayetteville Sustainability Award
USGBC Legacy Award 2012
EPA Energy Star Award, 2015



Don on terrace CopyDon Aitken

Donald Aitken’s career has taken him from professorships at Stanford University, San Jose State University and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, to service as the founding Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Western Regional Solar Energy Center, and finally as Senior Staff Scientist for Renewable Energy Policy and Economics with the Union of Concerned Scientists. While in that position he co-introduced the Renewable Portfolio Standard as an important policy instrument, which has now been adopted by 42 states and internationally. He has been honored as “the father of the RPS”. Dr. Aitken has served ASES twice as Board Chairman, as well as Passive Division Chairman. He served ISES as a long time member of the Board and Vice President. Dr. Aitken is an ASES Fellow, an Abbot Award recipient, and a life member. He was also the co-founder of the international environmental organization Friends of the Earth.