Forum: Applicaton of PV-Thermal Systems

Forum: Applicaton of PV-Thermal Systems

PV-Therms (PVT or Solar Hybrid panels) collect electricity and thermal energy totaling more energy than P.V. or thermal panels alone.  Designs and case studies will show several applications with both direct and Heat-pump assisted designs for DHW, space-heat, and pool heating on residential and commercial buildings with a competitive R.O.I.


Organizer: Henry Vandermark




reinhard.peterReinhard Peter

Mr. Peter is an experienced executive with a successful record in innovative renewable energy technologies business development with the goal of achieving energy and cost savings for clients in both government and private sectors. In 2009, operating at Solarzentrum North America, Inc., Mr. Peter began a 3-year test of PV-Therm System installations in the U.S. with the first successful system completed in 2009; PV-Therm systems have been successfully installed across the U.S. for government and public sector customers. As PV-Therm R&D continued new design features resulted in PV-Therm panels that produced more thermal energy and electrical output with a lighter panel weight than previous models. In 2015, Mr. Peter incorporated ECOGREEN Smart Technology Inc. to consolidate these innovative panels with additional energy products. Before his entrepreneurial work, Mr. Peter enjoyed a distinguished 34-year career in the German Airforce managing major multi-million dollar global initiatives.


intrieri.michaelMichael Intrieri

Michael G. Intrieri founded SunDrum® Solar in 2008. His passion for solar energy solutions began in the 70’s working with his father to capture solar thermal energy. Mr. Intrieri has a range of experience with both thermal and electrical solar systems. Taking up the challenge to develop a solution to maximize total solar energy capture he developed the Intellectual Property for SunDrum® Solar’s Hybrid technology which achievements include; current solar efficiency world record holder at 86% and largest hybrid solar array in the US at 380kW. His previous positions include engineering director at Marvell Technology Group Ltd. He held various Sr management positions at Intel Corp and Digital Equipment Corp where during his tenure introduced numerous products to market. Mr. Intrieri obtained his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida in 1982.