Presentation Proposals

Deadline for abstract submissions was
March 1, 2016
Created by solar enthusiasts and professionals, for solar enthusiasts and professionals, SOLAR 2016 will present:
  • Plenary sessions and forums on the advancement of renewable energy in the US, and what is happening worldwide as a result of the United Nations Conference of Parties in December 2015,
  • Sessions for discussing pre-publication research at the forefront of renewable energy and related fields, and
  • ASES Emerging Professionals meeting and other informal networking opportunities to broaden personal and professional communities working on the 100% renewable energy world goal.
ASES is pleased to present technical presentations, forums, and posters in the following topical areas:
  • Renewable Heat
  • Renewable Electricity
  • Clean Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency
Managing a Grid with High Penetration Renewables:
  • Renewables Working Together
  • Electrical and Thermal Storage
  • Renewable Energy Resource Forecasting
  • Resource Assessment
  • Load Management
Energy Economics, Public Involvement and Participation:
  • Resource Conservation
  • Public Education Innovations
  • Policy and Financing
  • Solar Decathlon and Related Competitions
  • Community Solar
  • Solar on Native Lands
  • Community-based Actions

This year, we will be hosting our Passive Solar Conference in conjunction with the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) in September 2016, details coming soon. We welcome the following topics to submit here for the ASES portion of the PHIUS conference:

Zero and Low Energy Buildings:
  • Resilient/Regenerative/Low-energy/Low-carbon architecture
  • Building Simulation Tools and Monitoring
  • Daylighting Methods and Case Studies
  • Embodied Energy and Life Cycle Assessment